Filter without Valve (Washable)

Washable - upto 20 washes (Wash once a week)
Treated with Healthguard technology
The worlds first hemp based filter
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    Our Filter is key to the masks effectiveness. It is the world's first hemp based filter and has been treated using Healthguard’s AMIC technology. The filter utilises the protective qualities of Hemp that include its inherent moisture-wicking and insulation properties which keep sweat and humidity at bay. Hemp also exhibits antimicrobial properties, is resistant to mould, and blocks out UV light. Sandwiched in between the hemp and a non woven layer is a filtering layer that has a bacterial filtration efficiency of >95% protecting you from the most minuscule of airborne particles.

  • Healthguard Technology

    Our masks are treated with Healthguard technology.

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    • 1 Washable Filter • Pangolin Goodwill